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This treatment is not just for those who participate in sports but also for individuals who suffer from pain or discomfort from everyday activities such as occupation, household chores or long hours spent in the car. All sessions are individually tailored to suit you and your requirements.

Sports massage:
Has a number of benefits which are key in helping with back, neck, joint and muscle pain.

These benefits are:

  • To stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow - by removing waste products, restoring nutrition to the muscles and enabling the body and muscles to repair efficiently.

  • To help relieve pain.

  • Speed up muscle recovery time.

  • Treat minor soft tissue injuries; aches, sprains and strains which, if left untreated or poorly managed, can develop into chronic conditions.

  • To improve flexibility of muscles and to help increase range of motion of a joint.

  • To enable us to identify potential problems that may occur through improved self awareness, postural and lifestyle corrections.

  • It helps with mental preparation prior to competition as well as the physical.

  • Helps to reduce levels of anxiety therefore promoting relaxation.



Remedial massage enables me to offer remedies for muscular skeletal pain and dysfunction caused by life’s stresses.

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